1 To 1 Coaching Port Macquarie

Most people feel like there’s something missing in their lives. They have a fear of failure. They don’t step outside their comfort zone that often and they settle for mediocrity. They let the circumstances in their lives control what outcomes they get instead of being in the Drivers Seat of their own lives.


  1. Overcoming limiting beliefs that have been holding you back
  2. Set new goals using a proven methodology
  3. Understand what makes you ‘tick’ so you can make better choices
  4. Face challenges with a new perspective and insights
  5. Have more clarity about what you do and how it affects you
  6. Develop new resourceful ways to handle problems
  7. Become more proactive about your own life
  8. Achieve success you have only dreamed of achieving

1 to 1 coaching is far more than just motivating the client. We look at the persons whole life including Relationships, Health & Well-being, Personal Growth, Achievements, Work-Career, Friendships, Security, Energy, Self-Esteem, Fun and Recreation, Home-Family and their Finances.

We help the client to create sustainable changes in their life. Life Coaches start with the “Now” and work on ways to help the client move forward. We look at the past but we don’t stare at it like some other therapies can.

We utilise various Coaching techniques to transform our clients lives. We help the client to get rid of anything that is holding them back. To learn new resourceful patterns and beliefs and to live an extraordinary life every day.