Who likes cleaning up their garage?



I was avoiding it for months.

I’m thinking it’s such a big job. I don’t know where to start.

Motivation finally arrived via my beautiful wife ‘If you don’t clean up that bloody garage, I’ll do it and you won’t like the result‘!

She thought I was procrastinating. As always, she was right….sort of.

There are human behaviour reasons behind why I had trouble starting this task.

You see I’m what’s known as a maintainer.

Maintainers (like me) have difficulty in starting new tasks. When something is new there’s so much uncertainty about how to do it. I don’t know where to start.

Maintainers are crucial to the success of an organisation. Give them a system or process, help them understand it and they will maintain it until the cows come home. They go a long way to help build a stable, long lasting businesses.

What other types of behaviours are there?

A Starter likes to start new things. Businesses wouldn’t exist if there weren’t people with a starter mentality. They are innovative and big picture. They get bored easily and like variety. Starters can be misunderstood in the workplace – you often hear people saying ‘that person starts so many things but they never finish them’.

Finishers are crucial to your business. They are the ones who finish tasks. Usually they are the people who get stuff to the ground. Without them nothing would ever get completed and you’d never make any money or get results for customers. Often the role of a finisher is to stop a project created by a starter. That can lead to tension.

In your business, who are your starters, your maintainers and finishers? Think about each person in turn and their behaviour.

Most importantly where do you sit? As a businessowner you often have to be all three – a starter, a maintainer AND a finisher.

 You will have a default behaviour – the one you are most comfortable with. You can only do the others with extra effort, focussed attention and sometimes motivation from your wife. 😊

 Make sure you build a team that complements your behaviour. For instance, if you are a starter make sure you have maintainers and finishers on the team. They will keep you on track.

 Hey what about that garage?

It’s looking fantastic! Everything has a place.

I’m happy, the wife’s happy, the kids are not so happy.

Now if they don’t put their bikes away or leave their shoes lying around I’m straight onto them.

I’m great at maintaining something. 😉