We’re going on a cruise

My wife wants to take the whole family on a cruise.

5 kids on a boat half way around the world. Sounds fun, doesn’t it? 😉

She’s been to the travel agent and picked up the brochures.

She told me about Kids club, free drinks, relaxation. Now it’s really sounding like fun.

I’m keen but there are sooo many options!

What places to visit? How long do we go? What type of boat?

Decisions, decisions.

We have to book the cruise, organise the travel insurance, order the kids passports, book the dog in to a kennel/get her vaccination, organise the mail re-direction, get someone to collect the newspapers and check on the house/start up the cars once a week. Let the clients know, let the school/day care know and on it goes.

Wow I’m going to need those free drinks and relaxation. 😉

All this organising got me thinking.

We spend more time planning a holiday than planning for success in our business. Why is that?

I’ve heard a few reasons.
• “tried it and it didn’t work”
• “too complicated”
• “too time consuming”

You might have your own reasons but the issue remains – we don’t do enough planning for success.

The experts (so-called) tell you that you need to have a 3 year plan.

Too long, way too long.

The pace of business today means we are more uncertain about the future. Even for 1 year.

We’ve been working with our clients to just focus on the next quarter. The next 90 days. That’s it.

By staying laser focused and keeping it simple they are building really successful businesses.

Could you take this small step to manage your year into 4 chunks of success?

Take small steps and do more planning. It will help you build a super successful business.

Then we can all be cruising…🚢